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Applying for a Reception place

Our policy for admissions follows that of the Local Authority guidelines.

The South Gloucestershire Council website contains information to help you in the initial stages of the application to primary school process.  We strongly advise you to read through the information on the website and in their primary admission booklet, which can be downloaded online, before applying for a school place.

The Standard Admissions Entry Number for Barrs Court Primary School is 45. Where the demand for places exceeds the number of places which we have available, the places will be allocated according to page 18 of the admission booklet.

Applying online is the simplest way to apply and also allows you to change your preferences up until the closing date which is 15 January prior to the year of admission for primary admissions.

Click on the link:   South Gloucestershire Council School Admissions

To apply for a place in Year 1-6

Parents may contact the school directly to find out if a place is available within the year group required and then should contact South Gloucestershire School Admissions team who will allocate places according to criteria (specified in their admission booklet) or place the child’s name on a waiting list.