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J Caunter


Believe – Create – Succeed

At the heart of our ethos is our belief in celebrating the creativity in every child. This doesn’t necessarily mean artistic creativity – though a walk around our school will show that we love to celebrate artistic creativity too and we are proud of our Gold Artsmark award. It means finding and unlocking strengths in every child, bringing it out, celebrating success, and letting their success shine through.

Every child is good at something. We help them find and nurture their strengths and through celebrating their success we try to give each child the confidence to grow and to go on from our school and tackle future challenges.

Our School Aims are to:

  • Provide a broad, balanced curriculum.
  • Challenge children to reach the highest standards of achievement.
  • Create an environment that encourages confident and enquiring children to participate in the world around them.
  • Develop a moral, social and spiritual awareness in children.
  • Give children self-confidence and a pride in their achievements.
  • Encourage independent thinking, and prepare children for the 21st century.

Our Vision Statement:

A warm, creative and happy school where children feel safe and secure, have access to a wide range of opportunities and are given many chances to shine on their learning journey.

Our School Promise

We promise:

  • To do our best
  • To be polite and friendly
  • To be kind and helpful


  • To have fun learning