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Children who attend school regularly do better in school

Attendance at school is very important for your child’s future as there is a clear link between attendance and attainment.  Children who have higher levels of attendance achieve better.  Even a few days absence can impact on a child’s progress.

In conjunction with our welfare officer Steve Gozra, we monitor every pupil’s attendance carefully. The target for every child at Barrs Court is 97%.

Unauthorised absence

Where conditions are not met, holidays will not be authorised. Any unauthorised leave of 5 days (10 sessions) may result in a penalty notice being issued by the Local Authority. This is £60 per parent, per child (£240 for a family with 2 children).

Absence and Punctuality

‘A day’s missed school is a day’s learning lost forever’

If your child is away from school for any reason, please telephone [after 8.30am] on the first day of absence.  When your child returns to school they must also have a note to explain their absence in order to complete the register.  The LA and DfE regularly monitor attendance.

We ask that medical/dental appointments are made outside school hours.  However, should your child need to leave school during the day, please inform us in advance and tell the teacher before taking your child out of school.


Please encourage your child to be punctual.  Children can find work difficult if they miss the start of the lesson, and it can be disruptive for children already in their class.  Late arrivals should report to the office in order to update the register.

Absence Rates

The most recent rate of absence from school is 3.4% authorised, 0.8% unauthorised.

Holiday Absence

‘Pupils’ joy of school is palpable and is evident in the ever improving attendance rate’  OFSTED 2010

Every Lesson Counts

There are 190 school days in a year and therefore 175 days of holidays and weekends.  Taking your child out of school for a week’s holiday means nearly 25 lessons will be missed before any account is taken for illness.  Two weeks out of school will reduce attendance to 94%, below the government target of 95%.

Education Regulations 2013 state that holidays in term time are not to be authorised.  Any holidays taken during term time will be recorded as unauthorised absence and could result in parents being fined by the Local Authority.  Absence may be agreed in exceptional circumstances only.  A Leave of Absence request form should be completed before making any bookings.