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Children’s Involvement

Eco Team

The Eco team is made up of children from each area of the school. The team are a group of extremely hard working children who are eager to continually help our school to become even more environmentally friendly. We were awarded ‘Green Flag’ status for the fourth time in 2016! We are currently preparing our application to renew our ‘Green Flag’ status.

Our Eco Team for 2019-20 are…

What have the Eco team been working on so far in 2019-20

The Eco Reps have been busy investigating the school grounds as part of the ‘What’s Under Your Feet?’ national campaign. We found lots of interesting wildlife and mini-beasts and will be comparing our results when we have our next dig in March. 

During Switch Off Fortnight in November, we monitored the school’s energy use and had a whole school competition to see who could save the most energy. Congratulations Emerald Class! You were the winners!

We’ve got some exciting projects planned for the coming months. If you have any suggestions for how we could be even more Eco friendly, please let us know!

What have the Eco team been working on in 2018-19

The ECO team help our school to become even more ‘green’ and eco-friendly. We meet up every week to discuss what we need to do and decide as a team how we are going to do it. We have lots of responsibilities, like checking that the teachers and children at our school are recycling, composting fruit waste, not wasting energy, saving water and keeping our school litter free.

So far this year, we have developed a new action plan which has a greater focus on reducing plastic waste. The introduction of plastic recycling bins has been part of this initiative. We have also visited FS2 during lunchtimes to help develop their awareness of healthy eating; they have really enjoyed receiving stickers! We also conducted an audit during ‘Switch off Fortnight’. This formed part of our monitoring of electrical use and waste. The winning class was Jade! Most recently, we launched a whole school Eco Code competition and look forward to revealing the winner’s entry very soon.

What has the ECO Team got planned next?

  • Monitor fruit compositing at break times.
  • Conduct a ‘What’s Under Our Feet’ survey in the Spring. We will compare these findings with those we collected in the Autumn term.
  • Prepare our Eco Flag application.

Why did you want to be in the Eco Team?

We wanted to be in the ECO Team because we really enjoy looking after our environment. We think it’s really important so that are school will continue to be a brilliant and nice place to be. We are all extremely proud to be in the ECO Team.

Photographs – Autumn Term