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Children’s Involvement

Eco Team

The Eco team is made up of children from each area of the school. The team are a group of extremely hard working children who are eager to continually help our school to become even more environmentally friendly. We were awarded ‘Green Flag’ status for the fourth time in 2016! Well done to all those who helped with this great achievement.

Our Eco Team for 2017-18 are…

Oliver P, Aaron S, Jude P, Caitlin D, Josh W, Ben R, Sam V, Jack B, Ellis C, Felicity L, Charlie B

This is what the ECO Team has got to say . . .

What do the Eco Team do?

The ECO team help our school to become even more ‘green’ and eco-friendly. We meet up every week to discuss what we need to do and decide as a team how we are going to do it. We have lots of responsibilities, like checking that the teachers and children at our school are recycling, composting fruit waste, not wasting energy, saving water and keeping our school litter free.

Why did you want to be in the Eco Team?

We wanted to be in the ECO Team because we really enjoy looking after our environment. We think it’s really important so that are school will continue to be a brilliant and nice place to be. We are all extremely proud to be in the ECO Team.

What has the ECO Team got planned next?

Next we are going to organise a 60 minute makeover. This is where everybody in the school will help to tidy and organise the school grounds. We are also planning many exciting activities for Waste Week!

Waste Week

The ECO Team and teachers planned an exciting range of activities for everybody to take part in during Waste Week! Our busy week included a 60 minute make over, best rubbish picture competition, recycling activities and the science into school recycling project. We have thoroughly enjoyed our week and have learnt lots of information about reducing, reusing and recycling the waste we produce. We would like to say a big thank you to everyone who helped us celebrate waste week!

Here are some photos and quotes from our fantastic week!

“It has made me realise that some things I put in the bin can actually be used to make other things and it’s really exiting!”
Red Area.

“I was surprised to hear about some of the things we can recycle like mobile phones. I didn’t know it could make such a difference to the environment.”
Blue Area.

“Doing activities like this makes me really think about how I can look after my environment. When I go to put something in the bin next time I will be thinking how I can reduce, reuse or recycle it first!”
Green area.

We also had a visitor from SITA during assembly who explained about the new recycling process in South Gloucestershire. Now we all understand how to recycle and we can help spread the information to everybody in our community!