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National curriculum

Our children are taught all of the subjects of the National Curriculum. This provides them with a strong grounding in a full and balanced curriculum across all subjects from English, Maths and Science, to the range of foundation subjects. These include RE, History, Geography, PE, Art, Music, Personal Social Health and Economic Education and Citizenship (PSHEE&C), Modern Foreign Languages, Design Technology (DT), and Drama.

The National Curriculum does not apply to pupils in the Foundation Stage. The curriculum for our youngest children is organised into seven areas of learning. These include: communication and language; physical development; personal, social and emotional development; literacy; maths; understanding the world and expressive arts and design.

Primary National Curriculum 2014

The new curriculum focuses on essential core subject knowledge and skills. Staff have been using this and the curriculum overviews (see below) to map out a new curriculum for Barrs Court to ensure that children continue to achieve their best and to enjoy their learning through exciting new topics. Teachers’ planning makes links between subject areas wherever possible to enable children to apply their skills in different curriculum areas and make their learning more meaningful.

Our curriculum is arranged in 4 phases to reflect the mixed-age classes we have at Barrs Court:

FS2, Key Stage 1 (Year 1 / 2), Lower Key stage 2 (Year 3 / 4), Upper Key stage 2 (Year 5 / 6)

We have a two-year cycle of topics to include all the subject requirements at each phase. This ensures continuity and progression and avoids repetition.

English and Maths are assessed 6 times a year and all other subjects are assessed 3 times a year.

Current curriculum information / topics can be found under the Classes section of the website.

Useful links

Download: Primary National Curriculum 2014 -Parents Complete Guide

New curriculum overview for Years 1-6 –  Please download details of the new curriculum overview for Years 1 -6

Click on a jigsaw to view the curriculum content for your child’s year group.’ (Year 1, Year 2 etc)


Primary National Curriculum 2014 – 2014 National Curriculum_framework_document

Understanding Progress in English – a guide for parents – Understanding Progress English

Understanding Progress in Maths – a guide for parents – Understanding Progress Maths

Topic-based learning

Many areas of our curriculum are taught through cross-curricular topics. This is a fun and engaging approach to learning and means that many of the subjects listed above are linked to a topic. Topics are wide and varied and include subjects such as Fairytales, The World Around Us and World War II.

We like to look at our children as individuals and provide them with the support they need as individuals. This includes any child who has a specific learning difficulty or special educational need and any a child who is very able, gifted or talented.

Curriculum Overviews

Red area –  Curriculum Overview Red Cycle A

Blue Area – Curriculum Overview Blue Cycle A

Green area –  Curriculum Overview Green Cycle A

Themed sessions

We work hard on creating an environment in which every child feels safe, happy and valued. Within this our talented and experienced teachers provide stimulating national curriculum lessons that are fun and engaging. These include special theme sessions, such as Story Week, Maths Challenges, Arts Week and Science Week, as well as visits from external providers such as theatre companies who are able to add another dimension to our teachers’ classroom practice.


Our children regularly achieve results higher than the national average in most areas, from attendance to SATs, and we are proud to have been awarded Outstanding in previous Ofsted inspections.