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Our Equality Objective is:

To help children have a greater understanding of the cultural, ethnic and racial diversity locally, nationally and globally by designing a curriculum which includes the opportunity to learn about different religions, cultures and races as well as developing links with contrasting schools in the UK, Europe and the wider world.

Equality Statement

Our school is committed to equality. Therefore:

  • We do our best to ensure that everyone is treated fairly and with respect.
  • We make sure the school is a safe, secure and stimulating place for everyone.
  • We recognise that people have different needs, and we understand that treating people equally does not always involve treating them all exactly the same.
  • We recognise that for some pupils extra support is needed to help them to achieve and be successful.
  • We do our best to make sure that people from different groups (including children) are consulted and involved in our decisions and through our School Council.

We welcome our duty under the Education and Inspections Act 2006 to promote community cohesion.

Under the Equality Act 2010 we welcome our general duty to eliminate discrimination, to advance equality of opportunity and to foster good relations; and our specific duties to publish information every year about our school population; to explain how we have due regard for equality; and to publish equality objectives which show how we plan to tackle particular inequalities, and reduce or remove them.

Similarly in accordance with the Equality Act 2010 we aim to make sure that no-one experiences less favourable treatment or discrimination because of their age; any disability they may have; their ethnicity, colour or national origin; their gender; their gender identity or reassignment; their marital or civil partnership status; being pregnant or having recently had a baby; their religion or beliefs; their sexual identity and orientation.

We welcome the general principles of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) and accordingly have regard in particular for the needs of children and young people who are disadvantaged and vulnerable, and their parents and carers.

We welcome the emphasis in the Ofsted framework on the importance of diminishing differences in achievement which affect, amongst others:

  • pupils from certain cultural and ethnic backgrounds
  • pupils who belong to lower-income households
  • pupils who are disabled
  • pupils who have special educational needs
  • boys in certain subjects, and girls in certain other subjects

In addition to the short statement, we also have a Single Equalities Policy available in the Policies Section.

Equality Objectives 2017-18

We are aiming to:

  • Increase % of children meeting AREs in every year group across the school
  • Increase % of children making expected progress in English and Maths
  • Increase % of SEN children making expected progress
  • Work to ‘diminish differences’ between vulnerable children and their peers
  • Narrow the gap in attainment and achievement between boys and girls

Equalities at Barrs Court Primary School

  • Information collected on race, disability and gender is used to inform data monitoring, attendance, planning, additional support and staff training
  • Pupil achievement is analysed by race, disability and gender to look at trends or patterns that may require additional action
  • Quality texts are chosen when planning topics for boys and girls
  • All children are encouraged to participate in school life including sporting activities, school Council and Eco Team
  • All racist and bullying incidents are reported to the Governing Body
  • Children’s individual cultures are celebrated
  • The school celebrates cultural and religious differences and participates in national fundraising initiatives such as Children In Need and Comic Relief. The school has also raised funds for specialist equipment for pupils who attend the school
  • The school environment is as accessible as possible to pupils, staff and visitors to the school. Events are mainly held in the school hall which can be easily accessed from the main entrance.