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Stephens Drive, Longwell Green, Bristol, BS30 7JB


D. Webster



Our school has an imaginative design, with a central courtyard area around which 9 separate homebases are arranged in threes with a shared activity area. The activity areas are perfect for practical sessions in art and science and provide excellent ‘break-out’ spaces for small group and specialised teaching.

The Early Years classroom is a separate unit adjacent to our main building. It has its own playground and allows our children to feel secure and flourish with both indoor and outdoor learning and play.


On the south western boundary of the school is the ancient monument of Barrs Court Moat. The area around the Moat is a conservation area, with a meadow and woodland for the exclusive use of our children who enjoy pond dipping and exploring learning without walls.

Our grounds include a generously-sized field and playgrounds. We also have a garden of raised beds, in which every class grows fruit, vegetables and flowers of their choice.


With our superb, purpose-built food activities room, every child has the opportunity to cook under supervision. Children have access to computers in every classroom and in other areas around the school. Every classroom is also equipped with an interactive whiteboard for use by the teachers and the children to enhance learning. Our children also access technology to explore a variety of subjects, such as animation with ‘stop-motion’ techniques and nesting birds with our live bird box web cam which is streamed onto the flat screen in our foyer.