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Stephens Drive, Longwell Green, Bristol, BS30 7JB


J Caunter


Name of Teacher(s): OPAL: Mrs K Duce-Jones/Miss N Drew and PEARL: Miss G Turle

FS2 teacher (PPA cover): Miss N Drew 

Name of Support Staff: Mrs K Ward and Miss S Williams

Term 4 – Paws, claws and giant jaws! Enterprise week 

In reception this term, we have had great fun welcoming lots of furry friends into our classroom. We had a sheep dog named Buddy come to tell us about how to look after dogs. Miss Broughton told us about her pet hamster, Bruce. He enjoyed rolling around the carpet in his exercise ball. We even got to touch a snake!

We also had an enterprise week. We were given £10 and had to make as much money as we could by creating things in the classroom and then selling them to the parents and pupils.   In our maths lessons we made salt dough decorations and bags of sweet treats. We then decorated them and sold them in the school market.



Chinese New Year and Faith Afternoon

Term 3

Wizards and Witches Wow Day


Take a look at our work, displays and sometimes us. Our Working walls help us learn – the content builds as the term progresses.