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Name of Teacher(s): Miss Davies

Name of Support Staff: Mrs S Ireland, Mrs S Perkins

If you wish to speak to Miss Davies, the drop-in day for Garnet class will be straight after school on Tuesdays. If this is not possible for you, please ring the school office to arrange an appointment for a more convenient day.

Garnet class have PE on Wednesdays and Thursdays, though it would be advisable to make sure that children have their PE kits in school every day, as we sometimes have outside providers running additional sports sessions.

Phonics homework will always be set on a Friday and children need to return their Home Phonics book to their class teacher the following Thursday. We do not expect the children to complete this homework independently and would be very grateful if you could spend some time working with your child on the tasks and activities set each week. There will also be some spellings that we would like the children to learn from memory, so we would be grateful if you could practise these with your child. We also ask that you read five times each week with your child and FIVERS will be checked off every Monday for the previous week. Details of topic homework can also be found in the ‘Curriculum Letters’ section of this website.

Work and Displays

Term 3

In Term 3 our topic was Ice. We started the term with an exciting wow day and we went on a polar expedition to find polar animals! We also started to think about our science skills and investigated how ice melts. During our topic we had lots of fun in Geography finding out about the polar regions and how they are different from our own climate. We did some programming in our Computing lessons, using ProBots and BeeBots. We also celebrated World Faith Day and enjoyed creating colourful rainbow messages which you will find displayed all over our Activity Area! 

Term 2

Term 2 began with Arts Week. Garnet Class explored the work of Fibonacci and where his sequence of numbers appears in nature. Our Term 2 topic is Famous Faces. We have been thinking about famous engineers and trying to answer the question ‘How can we build bridges? In our Science lessons we are investigating types of animals and have been working on grouping and classifying. 

Term 1

Garnet Class really enjoyed our topic for Term 1 – Superheroes! We dressed up as Superheroes on our Wow day and enjoyed taking part in lots of challenges. We also investigated the human body in our Science lessons, thinking about body parts and how our bodies change as we get older. In our DT lessons we designed and made healthy fruit kebabs, fit for a superhero!