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Name of Teacher(s): Miss Turle

Name of Support Staff: Mrs S Ireland, Mrs S Perkins

If you wish to speak to Miss Turle, the drop-in day for Jasper class will be straight after school on Tuesdays. If this is not possible for you, please ring the school office to arrange an appointment for a more convenient day.

Jasper class have PE on Mondays and Thursdays, though it would be advisable to make sure that children have their PE kits in school every day, as we sometimes have outside providers running additional sports sessions.

Phonics homework will always be set on a Friday and children need to return their Home Phonics book to their class teacher the following Thursday. We do not expect the children to complete this homework independently and would be very grateful if you could spend some time working with your child on the tasks and activities set each week. There will also be some spellings that we would like the children to learn from memory, so we would be grateful if you could practise these with your child. We also ask that you read five times each week with your child and FIVERS will be checked off every Monday for the previous week. Details of topic homework can also be found in the ‘Curriculum Letters’ section of this website.

Work and Displays

​Term Four

We began Term 4 by using our creativity to make pom-pom animals during our whole school Enterprise Week. In Jasper Class, we used stories to inspire our creations; including ‘Owl Babies’ and ‘The Lost Sheep’. We thought carefully about how much we could sell our items for. To do this, we used our money recognition skills. In our morning maths lessons, we also considered the popularity of different animals by interpreting tally charts and pictograms. It was a super week and we enjoyed selling our wonderful pom-poms to our families.

This year’s World Book Day was based on Roald Dahl. Our fancy dress costumes were inspired by our favourite characters. Take a look at our wonderful photographs! We enjoyed sharing our favourite books with each other and also designed a new front cover for ‘The Enormous Crocodile’.

​Term Three

We started the new term with a wonderful WOW day to launch our new topic ‘Ice’. We went on an exciting expedition to the moat area in search of Arctic animals, investigated how ice blocks change over time and also created a piece of artwork using sponges and watercolours.

During our computing lessons this term we have practised creating algorithms and learning how to debug programmes when there are mistakes. Using these skills, we explored the Bee Bots and Pro Bots as well as an Ipad app. Our understanding of positional language has improved significantly!

This year’s Faith Day gave us the opportunity to reflect on the importance of listening to instructions and caring for our planet; we did this by reading the story of Noah’s Ark. Following this, we created beautiful rainbows which had a key message from the story written on.    

Term Two

The children returned to school after the October half break ready to fully immerse themselves in this year’s Art’s Week theme – Maths in Art. Throughout the week, they identified geometric and vegetal patterns in Islamic Art, and used mathematical vocabulary to describe their observations. After examining the intricate patterns which are used to decorate Mosques, the children embossed their own designs onto a styrofoam block and used these to print beautiful patterns.

The working walls in the classroom help to develop the children’s learning. They are updated regularly to reflect the week’s focus. Please take a look at our Maths and English working walls.  




Term One

Wow! The children have had a wonderful start to the year and have settled very well into their new class. As part of the Superheroes topic, the children enjoyed exploring a range of books including Supertato, Super Daisy and Traction Man. Making healthy fruit kebabs in D&T developed their understanding of healthy eating.

Preparations for our Harvest Assembly began promptly in term one, and the children were delighted to share their retelling of ‘The Little Red Hen’ with parents and carers. This experience has prepared them brilliantly for their forthcoming Christmas production at the end of term two.