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J Caunter

Religious Education

In Religious Education lessons children learn the values of Christianity and gain a wide appreciation of world religions to encourage understanding in our multicultural society.

Celebrations at Barrs Court Primary School.

We have many celebrations at Barrs Court School around the year to recognise religious events.

Christmas: We celebrate Christmas through fantastic performances, singing and artwork. The whole school contribute towards a Christmas display for the entrance hall. Year 5 and Year 6 visit Clifton Cathedral to perform in a carol concert.

Easter: We celebrate Easter through cooking, artwork, stories and performances.

Harvest: At Harvest we have a whole school celebration where parents are invited. We also have a Harvest sale, which is organised by the Year 6. Money raised then always goes to a charity chosen by Year 6.

Diwali: During Diwali we learn more about Hindu customs and stories.