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Remote Learning

Our Plan

Children will have access to remote learning in the following circumstances:

  • Their class bubble has been told to self-isolate (due to exposure to Covid).
  • The local area or UK has a more general lockdown and schools are closed to all but essential workers and vulnerable children (most children at home).
  • They are self-isolating as requested by the school, PHE and/or NHS e.g a family member has tested positive but their class bubble/school remains open.

This document outlines our planned provision for remote learning should an individual or a Class Bubble need to self-isolate.

Individual child (or small number of children) self-isolating

Children self-isolating (but their class bubble/school remains open) for reasons given above will be provided with work by their class teacher.

Closure of a Class Bubble

Daily interaction with the teacher over the week is of great importance. The full curriculum will be taught and will involve the use of online learning via Google Classroom (GC) including links to some video content e.g Oak Academy/BBC Bitesize/White Rose Maths

Google Classroom will be the main source for learning. Please ensure you have signed up for this and can access it.

Feedback for children on the vast majority of their work will be supplied via GC. Home learning is an opportunity to build independence and resilience in the children. Learning provided by the school will be accessible to all children including children with SEN.

Remote home learning activities will be provided for the first 2 days initially. After this (from Day 3) the work provided will broadly cover that taught in class.

To enable teaching and learning to continue as effectively as possible during the need for Class Bubble remote learning:

  • Activities will be uploaded daily with clear instructions and expectations
  • We will set daily Maths and English and weekly coverage of other curriculum areas, following the curriculum being covered by each class at the time of closure.
  • Resources, instructions, templates, websites and general comments will be posted onto, and accessed via GC.

We will expect ALL children to access this provision. We will provide additional support for identified individuals. This will take different forms depending on need.

  • We will use a range of supporting materials e.g videos, powerpoint, websites, teaching aids as teaching & learning resources.

During Class Bubble closure our staff will:

  • Post daily learning activities and tasks via GC.
  • Provide feedback to children whilst they are working at home. The comments may not be extensive. Feedback will be given at least once a week.
  • Be available via GC for messaging and/or discussion with children.
  • Contact parents if their child is not completing their schoolwork or their standard of work has noticeably decreased.
  • Monitor the academic progress of pupils.
  • Monitor the engagement of pupils’ learning and their access to the online learning resources
  • TAs will be involved in a range of teaching and learning roles. These may include creating and posting resources and liaison with key children.
  • TAs may provide remote support and enable students with additional needs to access the work and liaise with teachers.

Remote Learning is Compulsory

Children will be expected to:

  • Log in to GC daily.
  • Complete to the best of their ability the learning set by their teacher each day and upload their learning as requested by the teacher by 3pm.
  • In line with the minimum expectations set out by the government, children are expexted to complete the following number of hours per day:

Year 1 and 2 (Red Area)     3 hours minimum

Year 3,4,5 and 6 (Blue and Green Areas)    4 hours minimum

  • Use the available learning materials provided by their teacher.
  • Use online resources (e.g. TT Rockstars) and any other resources provided by the school.

Parents/Carers are responsible for:

  • Setting a clear routine with each child aiming to complete the daily learning set by 3pm.
  • Providing access to the learning offered for their children. (The school will provide support for those families who do not have internet access)
  • Supporting their children by helping them upload/send completed work for assessment and feedback.
  • Providing a space suitable for their child to learn in.
  • Supporting their children to complete all of the learning set.
  • Liaising with school staff and seeking support on behalf of their child when needed.
  • Reading and complying with our Online learning policies.
  • Reading all communications that come out from the school to ensure they are fully aware and up to date with news.

If a child is unwell and unable to complete any learning on a particular day while self-isolating, parents must report their child’s absence via GC by 9:30am so that their child is recorded as ‘absent from learning’ and the class teacher will not expect a piece of work submitted on that day.

How to access work

Learning tasks and resources will be accessed via GC.  If families cannot access GC we will provide some tasks via email or hard copies.

GC can also be accessed via PlayStation and XBox.

Hard (Printed) copies can be returned to the school for marking. Marking of hard copies will take longer to allow for quarantine of work.

School laptops may be available for those with no means of access to online education. These remain the property of the school and will need to be returned when the child returns to school.

Key Workers

In the event of a whole school closure the school will follow DfE guidance. Teachers may be required to support classes in school (key workers) and this may mean your child’s class teacher changes if they are asked to work in school.  Most children will have their usual class teacher and support staff. Key worker children will be placed into bubbles with consistent members of staff working on a rota. They will complete all home learning set by their class teachers on GC.


  • We will communicate regularly with families through a number of channels depending on the nature of the communication: Newsletters, Updates, GC, email, phone calls, text messages.
  • In the event of a full lockdown, teachers will talk to each child in their class once a fortnight via GC or a phonecall.