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Sports Reports – Netball

Sport Reports 2018-2019 Season

Barrs Court Girls Tournament.

On 26th March, we took part in the CSET Girls Tournament. We knew we would have to play extra hard as boys were not allowed to play. St Stephens were going to be our big competition and we all tried our hardest. Although we came joint 3rd based on the number of games won, unfortunately, we were awarded 4th place as the other school had a better goal difference to us.

Well done to every girl who played.


Barrs Court V Beacon Rise A

We played at Home and had a feeling it was going to be a hard game.  We had a forceful team and we pulled together to win 10-4. Our Team was: Ellie, Macey, Josh, Harry, Caitlin, Alice, Rhianna and Owen.

Well Done to everyone who played!


Barrs Court V Beacon Rise B- Netball

The game started off well due to a solid defense and good passing but no one scored. We continued this form to pull off a win 7-2. Our scorers were Harry, Josh, Rhianna, Macey.  Playing in defense were Ellie and Caitlin who saved loads of goals.

Everyone played really well!


Barrs Court V Frampton

We had a strong side: Ellie, Macey, Alice, Caitlin, Harry, Owen and Rhianna. Although it was a smaller court, we still played our best. We won 23-0! We played great in defence and attack.

Well done to everyone who played.


Barrs Court v Pucklechurch- Netball

We had a strong team of seven players: Caitlin, Owen, Ellie, Alice, Rhianna, Harry, Josh. Our defending was brilliant and we won 17-0! There were some great goals scored. The wind was strong and that affected our play but we pulled through as a team.

Well done everyone who played!


Sport Reports 2016-2017 Season

On the 20th of March we played St Annes B away. During the game, we scored numerous goals which came to a score of 13-0 to us.

On the 22nd of March we played Beacon Rise B at home and we dominated the game. In the end the score was 13-3 to Barrs Court.

On the 27th of March we played The Park at home and we beat them by 9-1.

Coming up to this game we were not expected to beat Beacon Rise due to the fact that we have only won one out of four. In the end the score was unfortunately 3-1 to them.

On the 2nd of February we played a home match against Cherry Gardens which we won 7-1. Our away match on the 6th March against St Annes A was a hard game however, we still managed to win 5-1.

After a few cancellations due to the weather and also because they were playing other teams or they were not expecting us, Marshfield was our last game of the season in the end the score was 8-3.

Our first game was against Frampton these games were all 7 minutes in the end the score was 6-1. Our second game was against Olveston and we fortunately won 5-2.

Going onto our next match, against St Stephens, we were excited because we wanted a challenge although we were a bit unsure on how they played because we had played their boys team and their coach said that it would be a really tough game for us. In the end, despite him saying it would be a tough game for us, we drew 2-2.

We had never had a game against this team and were unsure if they were a strong team or not but in the end the score was 4-1 to us.

After this game we had to wait a while because the host was working out the upcoming matches.

Eventually, we found out that we were playing St Peters. This team was against us in the semi-finals and in the end the score was 4-2 to us we were in the South Gloucestershire final against our toughest team (Beacon Rise). After half of the game the score was 0-0. We then scored the first goal of that half but Beacon Rise then scored a further 3 goals. In the end the score was 3-1 to Beacon Rise.


The CSET sports partnership

On the 7th February 2017 we won our 1st  match 8-0 against The Park . When it came to our 2nd match we played Hanham Abbots A we finished at a 2-0 victory. Our 3rd match went well for we won against St Barnabas 0-2. Unfortunately, on our last match we lost due to great interceptions from St Stephens where we lost 4-0.

Round 2

On the 7th of March we played against Staple Hill and won 8-0. We then played against Beacon Rise A and unfortunately lost 7-0 due to an amazing shooter from the other team.

Our next match was against Beacon Rise C and we played extremely well with a score of 9-0. On our last match for round 2 we drew with Beacon Rise B 0-0. With another round to play we are still playing in other matches as well.

High Five Netball Fixtures

On the 2nd of February we played a home match against Cherry Gardens which we won 7-1. Our away match on the 6th March against St Annes A was a hard game however, we still managed to win 5-1.