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Sports News

Cross Country Results 2020

Download: X-country results 2020

South Gloucestershire Swimming Gala 2020

Team Barrs Court Results

2019 Sports Day Results

Download: Sports Day 2019 Results


South Gloucestershire Swimming Gala 2019

Team Barrs Court Results

Bitton Cricket Club Invitational Tournament 2017

Barrs Court Stripes V Longwell Green

Barrs Court Stripes 270 runs for 3 wickets

Longwell Green 221 runs for 6 wickets

Barrs Court Limes V Beacon Rise

Barrs Court Limes 211 runs for 7 wickets

Beacon Rise 212 runs for 7 wickets

Barrs Court Stripes V Beacon Rise

Barrs Court Stripes 256 runs for 3 wickets

Beacon Rise 200 runs for 9 wickets

Barrs Court Limes V Longwell Green

Barrs Court Limes 224 runs for 4 wickets

Longwell Green 205 runs for 7 wickets

Barrs Court Stripes V Barrs Court Limes

Barrs Court Stripes 275 runs for 2 wickets

Barrs Court Limes 245 runs for 0 wickets

Beacon Rise V Longwell Green

Beacon Rise 254 runs for 4 wickets

Longwell Green 230 runs for 5 wickets

Final Standings

1st Barrs Court Stripes

2nd Beacon Rise

3rd Barrs Court Limes

4th Longwell Green

Sports Day Results 2017

Morning Team Event

Team Name Points
1st Team Hestia 1030
2nd Team Aphrodite 1006
3rd Team Kronos 964
4th Team Athena 954
5th Team Hera 945
6th Team Zeus 936
7th Team Haephestus 931
8th Team Gaia 930
9th Team Hermes 928
10th Team Artemis 897
11th Team Poseidon 881
12th Team Apollo 877

Afternoon Individual Results


  Gold Silver Bronze
Reception Riley Jude Sam
Red Girls Fleur Lilia Sophie
Red Boys Tom Cole Daniel
Blue Girls Isabelle Maya Macey
Blue Boys Liam Harry George T
Green Girls Kiera Eva Kacey
Green Boys James G George R Charlie N



  Gold Silver Bronze
Reception Sam Rylee Jude
Red Girls Zara Megan Leeloo
Red Boys Cole Joshua Jacob
Blue Girls Maja Ava Molly
Blue Boys Josh Connor Dexter
Green Girls Chloe Libby Lily
Green Boys Danny Ben B Ashton



  Gold Silver Bronze
Reception Sam Jude Riley
Red Girls Fleur Aimee Holly
Red Boys Morgan Daniel Riley
Blue Girls Isabelle Sophie Macey
Blue Boys Josh Dexter Lewis
Green Girls Kacey Chloe Kiera
Green Boys Samuel Ben C Reuben


Football Final

City 0 V 0 Wanderers (City win on penalties)

City- Vinnie/ Fraser/ Jack/ Billy/ James G/ Rowan

Wanderers- Jamie/ Liam/ Alex/ Callum/ Ashton

CSET Sports Partnership Handball Tournament – Friday 12th May 2017

Handball results

Tri-School cycling competition – Friday 7th April

It was the last day of term when six people from Barrs Court went to Beacon Rise school for the tri-school cycling competition.  Our team was made up of three boys and three girls – Jamie, Ben and Jacob, Angel, Ella and Neela.  The other school taking part in the competition, apart from ourselves and Beacon Rise, was The Park School. The first round was a 20 metre sprint across the field. Beacon Rise went first with good results, we went next and were astonished by our times which were all under 8 seconds.  Unfortunately for us, The Park, who went last, were equally as fast, if not quicker. Next was the control round, on the school playground.  We had to complete four laps of a small square circuit.  If we put our foot down or went out of the course, we were given a two second penalty.  The teams went in the same order as before.  When it came to our turn, we slipped up twice, costing us valuable points.Finally, we completed the endurance race which went round the outside of their large playing field.  Everyone was extremely proud of their results.  Competitors set off in threes, with a 10 second gap between each person. Everyone in the Barrs Court team caught up with the person in front of them. At the end of the event, the results were announced.  In third place was Beacon Rise.  We were then told that the gap between first and second was only 1 point.  Unfortunately, Barrs Court was in second place, with The Park coming first.  It was a great event and it would be really good to do it again.Swimming GalaOn the 4th of March the swimming adventure began! The Year 5 and 6 team consisted of Amy, Chloe, Neela, Danny, Ben, Joe, Willem, Liam, Sam, Eva, Isabel, Emma, Troy.These are the races that they swam:

  • Amy swam in the 50 metres freestyle and came 1st in her heat.
  • Joe swam in the 50 metres freestyle and came 3rd in his heat.
  • Chloe swam in the 25 metres freestyle and came 2nd in her heat.
  • Danny swam in the 25 metres freestyle and came 1st in his heat.
  • Eva swam the 25 metres breast stroke and came 1st in her heat.
  • Ben swam in the 25 metres breast stroke and came 2nd in his heat.
  • Isabel swam in the 25 metres back stroke and came 4th in her heat.
  • Willem swam in the 25 metres back stroke and came 1st in his heat.
  • Amy swam in the 25 metres butterfly and came 1st in her heat.
  • Liam swam in the 25 metres butterfly and came 5th in his heat.
  • Amy, Chloe, Danny and Joe swam in the 4×25 freestyle relay and came 1st in their heat.
  • Emma, Neela, Troy and Sam swam in the 4×25 water polo dribble and came 5th in their heat.

Overall the Year 5/6 team came 2nd in the competition overall.


Netball Reports – February/March 2017

On the 20th of March we played ST Annes B away. During the game, we scored numerous goals which came to a score of 13-0 to us.

On the 22nd of March we played Beacon Rise B at home and we dominated the game. In the end the score was 13-3 to Barrs Court.

On the 27th of March we played The Park at home and we beat them by 9-1.

Coming up to this game we were not expected to beat Beacon Rise due to the fact that we have only won one out of four. In the end the score was unfortunately 3-1 to them.

On the 2nd of February we played a home match against Cherry Gardens which we won 7-1. Our away match on the 6th March against St Annes A was a hard game however, we still managed to win 5-1.

After a few cancellations due to the weather and also because they were playing other teams or they were not expecting us, Marshfield was our last game of the season in the end the score was 8-3.

Our first game was against Frampton these games were all 7 minutes in the end the score was 6-1. Our second game was against Olveston and we fortunately won 5-2.

Going onto our next match, against St Stephens, we were excited because we wanted a challenge although we were a bit unsure on how they played because we had played their boys team and their coach said that it would be a really tough game for us. In the end, despite him saying it would be a tough game for us, we drew 2-2.

We had never had a game against this team and were unsure if they were a strong team or not but in the end the score was 4-1 to us.

After this game we had to wait a while because the host was working out the upcoming matches.

Eventually, we found out that we were playing St Peters. This team was against us in the semi-finals and in the end the score was 4-2 to us we were in the South Gloucestershire final against our toughest team (Beacon Rise). After half of the game the score was 0-0. We then scored the first goal of that half but Beacon Rise then scored a further 3 goals. In the end the score was 3-1 to Beacon Rise.

The CSET sports partnership

On the 7th February 2017 we won our 1st  match 8-0 against The Park . When it came to our 2nd match we played Hanham Abbots A we finished at a 2-0 victory. Our 3rd match went well for we won against St Barnabas 0-2. Unfortunately, on our last match we lost due to great interceptions from St Stephens where we lost 4-0.

Round 2

On the 7th of March we played against Staple Hill and won 8-0. We then played against Beacon Rise A and unfortunately lost 7-0 due to an amazing shooter from the other team.

Our next match was against Beacon Rise C and we played extremely well with a score of 9-0. On our last match for round 2 we drew with Beacon Rise B 0-0. With another round to play we are still playing in other matches as well.

High Five Netball Fixtures

On the 2nd of February we played a home match against Cherry Gardens which we won 7-1. Our away match on the 6th March against St Annes A was a hard game however, we still managed to win 5-1.

Barrs courts table tennis tournament.

On Friday 3rd February, Jamie, Charlie, Rowan and Jacob attended a table tennis tournament. Fortunately, we won most of our games; the only school who beat us was Stanbridge.Whilst we were there, we did many things with the Paralympic champion; Jacob and Charlie were lucky enough to wear his gold medal and Rowan and Jamie got to play with him.At the end of the day, we were awarded certificates and were given a signed photo from the Paralympian. Overall, the day was extremely fun. 


Barrs Court Primary school entered this competition confidently, due to the fact we had recently done well in other sports. We arrived at the Grange sports hall to compete in a series of athletic events. Considering the fact that we were the only team to have Year 3/4 pupils as part of our team (who were Macey, Archie, Sophie and Isabelle), we performed well in all events. The events were: different lengths of running, over and under, obstacle relay, 6 lap race, javelin, and standing long jump, vertical jump, triple jump, speed bounce, chest push and javelin.The competitors in the first event (which was the obstacle relay) had a strong race with a tough time to beat in the girl’s race in addition to the boy’s race. We had a few very strong races and as a result came 1st in some of our races. While the track events were going on, the throwers and jumpers were up and ready to have their go against schools such as: The Park, Staple Hill, Wick and Cadbury Heath. We had some strong opponents who were very dominant in some of the events.In the end, after a lot of tough sports we proudly came 2nd in our group however could only grab a 6th place overall in the two groups altogether.

Sports Results and Information

Spring 2016

We came 3rd in the Tag Rugby league

We have had some impressive results in netball:

  • We won against Beacon Rise B Team 10:5
  • We won against Cherry Garden 6:4
  • We won against The Park 8:0
  • We drew against Hanham Abbots

Year 5/6 took part in Orienteering at The


Year 5/6 Football

Barrs Court 3-1 Cadbury HeathBarrs

Court 1-1 Wick (Wick win 1-0 on penalties)

Barrs Court 2-1 Beacon

RiseBarrs Court 1-0 The ParkBarrs

Court 1-1 St AnnesBarrs

Court 2-3 Hanham Abbots

Barrs Court 3-1 Cherry Gardens

Year 5/6 Football Tournament

Barrs Court 1-0 Parkwall

Barrs Court 1-0 St BarnabasBarrs

Court 0-1 The Park

Tag Rugby

Tag Rugby A league

Vs Staple Hill Won 7-5

Vs Beacon Rise Won 8-7

Vs Mangotsfield Lost 4-3

Vs St Barnabas Won 7-5

Vs The Park Won 7-4

Vs Cadbury Heath Won 7-4

Vs Beacon Rise Lost 6-4

Vs Mangotsfield Won 6-4

Vs Staple Hill Won 4-3

Tag Rugby B League

Bamboozlers Vs St Stephens Lost 6-2

Bamboozlers Vs Cadbury Heath Won 4-3

Bamboozlers Vs Beacon Rise Won 4-2

Bamboozlers Vs The Park Lost 4-3

Bamboozlers Vs Mangotsfield Won 7-3

Bamboozlers Vs Longwell Green Lost 4-3

Bandits Vs Cadbury Heath Drew 4-4

Bandits Vs Beacon Rise Lost

Bandits Vs The Park Lost 6-3

Bandits Vs Mangotsfield Won 4-3

Bandits Vs Staple Hill Won 4-3

Bandits Vs Stanbridge Won