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Stephens Drive, Longwell Green, Bristol, BS30 7JB


J Caunter


Staff 2017 – 2018 Please get to know the staff, they are an important link between home and school.

Leadership Team  
Ms J Caunter  Headteacher
Mrs L Phillips Deputy Headteacher
Mrs S Darling Blue Area leader
Mr R Walker Green Area Leader
Mrs K Brown Red Area Leader
Mrs K Duce-Jones FS2 Leader
Mr A Hopkins SENDCo
FS2 Team  
Mrs K Duce-Jones Opal Class teacher
Miss G Turle Pearl Class teacher
Miss N Drew FS2 teacher (PPA cover)
Red Team  
Mrs R Quinton/Mrs R Parr  Garnet Class teachers
Miss E Harris Jasper Class teacher   
Mrs K Brown Ruby Class teacher
Blue Team  
Miss J Davies Sapphire Class teachers
Mrs S Darling Topaz Class teacher
Mr S Balch Turquoise Class teacher
Mrs L Phillips PPA cover
Green Team  
Miss N Paine Aqua Class teacher
Mr A Hopkins/Mrs A Pearson      Emerald Class teachers
Mr R Walker Jade Class teacher
Teaching Assistants  
Mrs K Cook Higher Level Teaching Assistant (HLTA), Family Link Worker (FLW)
Mrs S Ireland HLTA
Mrs K Houselander HLTA
Mrs K Ward  Teaching Assistant (TA), Emotional Literacy Support Assistant (ELSA)
Mrs S Edwards TA
Miss S Williams TA
Miss C Mein TA
Mrs S Perkins TA
Mrs L Woolley SEN TA (Special Educational Needs TA)
Miss C Jones TA
Office Staff  
Mrs K Llewellyn Administrative Officer
Mrs E Hodges Administrative Assistant
Miss K Hannabuss Clerical Assistant
Breakfast Club  
Mrs S Isaacs Breakfast Club Coordinator
Mrs T Thornell Breakfast Club Leader
Miss K Hannabuss Breakfast Club Leader
Catering and Lunchtime Staff  
Mrs K Powell Cook in Charge (SG Catering)
Mrs R Mahoney Kitchen Assistant
Miss C Jones Senior Lunchbreak Supervisor
Ms S Bryant Lunchbreak Supervisor
Mrs D Edgar Lunchbreak Supervisor
Mrs S Isaac Lunchbreak Supervisor
Mrs L Longmore Lunchbreak Supervisor
Mrs B Porter Lunchbreak Supervisor
Miss L Lock Lunchbreak Supervisor
Mrs K Barrett Lunchbreak Supervisor
Mrs L Starling Lunchbreak Supervisor
Caretaking Staff  
Mr W Waldron Caretaker
Ms V Perry Cleaner
Mrs D Saint Cleaner
Miss D Bates Cleaner
Mrs C Waldron Cleaner

If you need to speak to a member of staff please contact the Office.