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D. Webster

Vision, Mission and Aims

Believe – Create – Succeed

At the heart of our ethos is our belief in celebrating the creativity in every child. This doesn’t necessarily mean artistic creativity – though a walk around our school will show that we love to celebrate artistic creativity too and we are proud of our Gold Artsmark award. It means finding and unlocking strengths in every child, bringing it out, celebrating success, and letting their success shine through.

Every child is good at something. We help them find and nurture their strengths and through celebrating their success we try to give each child the confidence to grow and to go on from our school and tackle future challenges.

Mission Statement

A safe, creative and happy school where children and staff strive to be the ‘best they can be’, with the skills and resilience to grow into the successful, life-long learners of the future.



Our School:

  • Develops the skills and self-confidence to ‘give it a go’.
  • Inspires children to believe and follow their dreams.
  • Is a school that believes in you.


Our School:

  • Celebrates and values children’s voices and ideas.
  • Provides an exciting curriculum that fuels curious minds.
  • Brings learning to life and provides opportunities to be successful.


Our School:

  • Celebrates learning together – children, staff, parents and the wider community.
  • Nurtures happy, healthy, life-long learners.
  • Encourages a self-motivated and resilient attitude.

Vision Statement

Over the next 3 years, Barrs Court School will be regarded by the wider community as the ‘primary’ choice for education. It will have an instrumental role within the local area. Our children will radiate self-confidence, positivity and pride.

At Barrs Court Primary School, children will:

  • Experience an extensive, enriching and engaging curriculum.
  • Be respectful, kind and safe within the school & wider community.
  • Be life-long learners who are proud of their achievements.
  • Make significant progress on their school journey.
  • Have high expectations of themselves and enjoy accessible challenges.
  • Know how to use all technology in an age-appropriate way.

At Barrs Court Primary School, our environment will:

  • Be rich in modern technology that embraces and adopts the ever-evolving digital world.
  • Be safe, stimulating, engaging and inviting. Our school is a place to be proud of.
  • Be supported by a dynamic, challenging and child-centred governing body.
  • Encourage the team to continually build upon existing skills in order to be the ‘best they can be’.

The Barrs Court team all work together to:

(including children, parents, staff, governors, community members)

  • Inspire children to consider their futures and ‘be the best they can be’.
  • Collaborate cohesively through sharing best practice with other schools and enjoying inter-school sports and other activities.
  • Welcome the wider community into our school.
  • Celebrate diversity; bringing the ‘world’ into our school.
  • Create links with the local community and recognise our achievements with the media.
  • Support local & national charities including the Food Bank, Children in Need, Comic Relief & Sports Relief.
  • Offer wrap-around childcare and support to the families within our school.
  • Share success.