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Clubs & Activities

We endeavour to offer a range of extra-curricular clubs to children during the academic year.

The majority of our clubs are booked through the Arbor Parent Portal and we will text further information when the clubs are available to book.  

Whilst we always do our best to ensure the club takes place each week, there may be occasions when the club has to be cancelled at short notice due to staff absence/sickness.  

We also offer fee-paying clubs offered by outside providers and details of these clubs are shared with parents/carers throughout the year.  In the main, parents/carers book their child a place direct with the provider.

Team Selection 

At Barrs Court, we pride ourselves in how many different opportunities we give the children in a range of diverse sports.  We have regular fixtures in football, tag rugby and netball in particular but we also take part in sports such as swimming, kabaddi, handball and table tennis to name but a few.  We very much believe in taking up as many opportunities as possible.

We are also lucky in having a school community who are eager to take part in all of these different sports.  Understandably, this does mean that not everyone can be picked for every sports fixture every time but we do keep records of who is taking part in events to allow us to spot who else we can get involved throughout the year.

School Fixtures

The majority of school fixtures take place when the children are in Key Stage 2 (Years 3-6) with leagues in particular being for the Year 5/6 children.  This is due to the competitions, which are organised by the South Gloucestershire PE association and the CSET School Sports Partnership rather than opportunities for the younger year groups not being taken up.  We have recently had our first ever football match for Year 1/2 and are looking to arrange further matches later this year to allow more of the Red Area children to take part in a match too.

Because not everyone can get picked for every fixture, we look to arrange additional fixtures outside of these competition formats for more of the Barrs Court children to have an opportunity to represent the school in sport.

If your child is selected for a school fixture, they will receive a letter for this which will have a reply slip to be returned to the appropriate adult.




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