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Cultural Ambassadors

Who are the Cultural Ambassadors?

During the Autumn Term, each class carried out a vote to decide on who their Cultural Ambassador would be. In our whole school assembly, badges were then presented to these children. They are given opportunities to use their artistic skills to help promote different events around the school. This may involve making posters, designing props for school performances and contributing to ‘art’ based discussions.

What have the Cultural Ambassadors been working on in the Autumn Term?

During Term one the cultural ambassadors celebrated ‘Hello Yellow Day’. The children were involved in helping to spread joy and kindness around the school. They designed and created their own positivity cards and messages to hand out to other children during the school day.

The children also took part in an online competition where they designed an ‘animal mask’ in hope of winning a stationary pack. Results will be announced soon!

In Term Two, the children were also involved in creating posters that were placed around our school and in our newsletter. This was to inform people about a Christmas food bank collection that was taking place.

What have the Cultural Ambassadors been working on in the Spring Term?

The Cultural Ambassadors have been using their artistic skills to advertise important whole school fundraising events. Firstly, they designed and created posters to advertise Red Nose Day. Children wore non-school uniform on the day, complete with a range of bought and home-made red noses! An assembly was also held to share the importance of this fundraising opportunity. Towards the end of term four, the Cultural Ambassadors met to produce a reminder sign for KS2 pupils to sign up to a performing or backstage after school club, in preparation for the end of year production! The Cultural Ambassadors are very excited to be involved in the preparation of props for the production – this will begin next term…

What have the Cultural Ambassadors got planned for the Summer Term?

· Continue to be involved in sharing plans for whole school fundraising events by creating posters and displaying them around the school.

· Collaborate with the School Council and Health Heroes members to develop teamwork skills and share great ideas.

· Help design and create resources and props for the KS2 production in the Summer Term.



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