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Homework Expectations in Blue Area


We ask that the children read aloud with an adult 5 times each week. Reading aloud enables the children to develop their fluency and prosody. Asking your child questions about what they have been reading will also support their comprehension. Please write the title of the book that your child has read with you on the correct day in their home-school planner. If the children read five times in a week, they can earn a ‘Fiver’. Children are awarded ‘Reading Karate’ certificates and wristbands as they earn more ‘Fivers’ throughout the year. The teachers in Blue Area will check the planners every Monday.

Most children in Key Stage 2 are responsible for changing their own reading books and they are reminded to do this. Teachers will also provide regular opportunities for the children to visit the school library in addition to this, so that they can choose a book that they can read for pleasure. We would be grateful if children could bring their books to school in their book bag every day.

Mathematician - Times Tables

Children should also practise the times tables that they are working on in school regularly throughout the week. 3 minutes every day using the Times Table Rock Stars app/website has been proven to be very effective. However, children can choose to practise in any way that suits them. This may include, chanting tables (EG three twos are six…) other games and websites, songs and rhymes, writing the tables out, quick fire challenges from an adult or using work books. In some instances, children may be sent home with envelope flashcards to support their recall of the facts.

Author - Spelling

Spelling homework is set each Monday. The spelling words that the children will learn in our Spelling Shed lessons will be entered into their home-school planner so that they can practise these throughout the week. Children can practise spelling these words in any way that they like and there are lots of fun suggestions on the back of the termly enquiry homework sheet.

Pick and Mix Enquiry Homework Projects

Children should choose one enquiry project from those suggested on the Enquiry Homework sheet each term, to complete at home. These projects can be brought into school and will be shared and celebrated in class.

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