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About Us

Our Vision and Values


At Barrs Court Primary School, our vision is of a dynamic, engaged, and thriving school that inspires every child's curiosity, pride, and success. Children become lifelong learners in a safe and inclusive learning environment that nurtures individuality and enhances potential.

"Be the best
you can be"



The never give up attitude that all members of the school community demonstrate. The commitment to producing our best work even when we find things challenging.


The feeling of self-respect and worth. Being proud of your achievements no matter how small and actively celebrating the achievements of others.


The ability to ask questions, confidently embrace unfamiliar circumstances and show an active interest in challenging yourself to find out more. We want children to look past the obvious and be open to new ideas.


All members of the community should feel a sense of joy – They should feel excited about the next steps in their learning. Joy is a feeling a child gets when they know they are valued and belong.


All members of the community will take responsibility for each other. Respect is speaking to and interacting with others in a courteous manner and valuing others cultures, religions, beliefs and differences. It is about being honest, reliable and trustworthy.


School Development Plan

 The school has a three-year Strategic overview which outlines how the school is going to fulfil our vision and values.  This plan is created with by the school in partnership with the governing body.

Each year, we create a School Development Plan in order to deliver our strategic overview. The plan is based on our ongoing evaluation of the school and what needs further development.  

Please find below our three-year School Strategic Overview and our School Improvement Plan for 2022/23

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